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Take it from someone else.

Our biggest project yet had us interviewing 43 people in 2.5 days - here’s what Compass Oncology Director of Marketing Jonathan Kipp has to say;

“Working with Josh and his team has been an absolute pleasure. Josh is creative, enthusiastic, talented, communicative and is a true professional.  My vision for this large project was indeed realized. I couldn’t not be happier with the outcome. But what is more my organization’s owners and leadership are equally elated with the final deliverables. “

We’re experienced.

Having worked with businesses for over 10 years we’re confident we can make the videos you’ve dreamed of - a provider talking about why they love their job, a customer talking about how amazing their experience has been, or your CEO talking about your company vision.

Customer Testimonials

People know when they’re being sold to - but when a customer of yours can tell their story of how amazing your team is and the care that they received and tell it from the heart, that’s the marketing that will drive more people to your business.

But getting a good story from someone who has had a life changing event isn’t something anyone can do. We have years of experience of interviewing people who have never been interviewed in their life, and we know how to be professional and respectful in what questions to ask so they feel comfortable throughout and you get the very best emotions brought out.

The fact is, we love telling people’s stories with video - it’s a privilege!

Let us add some beautiful b-roll.

Not sure what b-roll is? It’s the stunning footage that goes over the interview, relating to the story being told, and drawing the viewers in to capture all of their attention. Do more than tell a story, show it. If a photo is worth 1000 words, imagine what an entire video can do!

Watch Larry’s story below to see how we mix the two and make a compelling story. We also turned this spot into a 30 second and two 15 second ads for multiple platforms.

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