Stormy Kromer

Creating engaging and representative photo and video to showcase their brand through a lifestyle lens

The Process: 

Pre production meeting


In pre-production, we discuss the client's goals, the products, models, and location scouting. With full-day shoots from sunrise to sunset, we need to make sure that everything is on schedule so there are no surprises that slow us down. Stormy Kromer typically works with models who are actually users of the product - and most have never spent time in front of a camera before. Making them feel comfortable, confident, and natural is a must! (We’ve gotten pretty great at it.)


Production day 

Production day(s) are full days. With multiple locations, multiple models and outfit changes, Stormy Kromer's lead clothing designer, media manager, and CEO are on set with us. Their focus is on making sure all of the products are captured in preparation for their next product launch. Our role as creatives is to give guidance to the models, to create interesting yet natural-looking scenes, and capture all of it in an image that encompasses the authenticity of the brand.


In the editing process, we bring the brand vision to life. Focusing on shots that not only highlight the product, but also the models that are representing it. The photos (and videos) are the voice of the brand. They have to be seen as such. Most importantly, we aim to build a portfolio that not only gives the client a lot of options but a deep variety as well.

The Reslult: