Marion Body Works

Turning a vehicle manufacturer into a lifestyle brand.

We built a full brand video without mentioning the brand once. But the customer in its entirety.

The Challenge: 


Marion Body Works wanted to produce a brand video focused on their clients, the firefighters in East Fishkill, NY instead of being product focused.

The Process: 

Pre production

I started by taking a trip down to visit the fire chief at East Fishkill. This gave me the opportunity to find out who we would be interviewing, do some location scouting, and get a good idea of how the production would go before we even had a camera out. All of this preparation saves on time and money and gets us a better result for the client.

Production day 


To capture the lifestyle of what this brand embodies we dove deep with the firefighters. Instead of asking about their experience with Marion’s fire trucks, we asked them to talk about their life as a firefighter, why they continue to serve their community, their successes and failures, and let them really express what makes their job so amazing. Having Marion Body Works trucks be the avenue for that lifestyle to continue to exist.    

During the shoot we hosted a full blown mock fire situation to capture as close to the real thing as we could, while not being in any real danger. This gave us the opportunity to capture real world situations and show Marion Body Works customers in action. 




To bring the project to the next level we hired a sound designer to really capture the feel of the stories that were told. The sounds are subtle, but really add another level to draw the viewer into the video.

Throughout the rest of the editing process, I made sure to not only edit what they asked but use the footage we captured to provide them with multi use content as well. Getting the full potential out of our day together.