Dickinson Homes

Turning a day of shooting into months of content

The need: 


Dickinson Homes needed social media and website content that showcased finished work, but that also represented the true quality of their work, and their ability to create custom homes.

The Process


We start by jumping into the building blueprints to make sure that we capture the exact unique features of the space that are specified by the builder. A lot of architectural photographers will lean into their own creative abilities to capture a space. However, we start at the base with understanding what makes the home so special from the clients eyes. Not our own. 

Production day

We begin as early as sunrise to capture exterior photos. We shoot intentionally at certain times of the day where the ambient light from the sun mixes with the lights of the house and makes the home pop.

For photo work we shoot as many as 15-20 frames of the same shot and then blend it in post production for the best results.  For video we use gimbals, sliders, and drones to create a professional home tour that entices the viewer. 


Our goal is to make sure that the vision of the builder is represented throughout.  In this case specifically, Dickinson uses the photo and video when having face to face meetings with potential clients and we want to make sure that their content is representative of the quality Dickinson upholds.

Shooting for architecture becomes the most creative part of the job when having to work within the boundaries of the space. Making sure that in the editing process you give it a specific style and feel, but also represent the space exactly as it is. There’s only one right way to edit content for homes. Some people get it, some don’t. You be the judge below.

The Result: